About Rockys Modern Life

Rockys Modern Life is a fine art magazine started by Rocky Mock in the year 2021.  The magazine provides the viewer with exceptional photography coupled with awe inspiring journalism that makes this magazine worth every penny without all of the advertisements that water down any magazine of note.  The topics covered are from Rocky Mocks fascinating and evolving everyday life.  Inside edition 2 are images from the midwest sweetheart of Missouri during a winter after an election year in a pandemic.  The main story features a box full of images discovered in Missouri of an unknown family with a father who photographed their adventures for 15 years from 1953 to 1968.  Also featured is the story of Amanda O'Donnell and how a normal human being that makes mistakes can uncover a sobering future toward rectification. 

Reflections In Missouri 

Missouri, known by myself for the countries champ of road kill, provides a meaningful and special connection of empathy in its winter months. 

Unknown Antique Family 

Inside of an antique mall in Bolivar Missouri, I discover a case of assorted color photography slides from the 50s and 60s.  After some investigation its apparent that these slides were from one family, taken by one person, the father of a family in the midwest.  Who was this family and why was a 15 year portion of their life for sale in an antique mall? The images provide a nostalgic view of everyday America's past. 

Amanda's Journey 

After a near death experience from drinking and driving, Amanda O'Donnell looks to rectify her life and inspire others to do the same by avoiding the mistakes she had made. 

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